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Main cuts Pork

Shoulder family

Cuts from the pork Lomo – Espaldilla shoulder family are generated from the forward portion of the carcass and include the shoulder (Boston) butt and the shoulder picnic.

Belly family

The pork belly family is generated from the central portion of the carcass after the removal of the loin and consists of the various styles of bellies and spareribs.


Leg family

The pork leg family consists of the pork leg (ham) and the subprimal cuts that are derived from the leg. Purchaser specified options for the pork leg family cuts include the presence, absence or partial removal (collaring) of skin.

Loin family

Cuts from the pork Lomo family are generated from the two pieces that are next to the spine and under the ribs of the animal. It is a moist, pink meat with little fat. It is the most tender cut.

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