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Leg Family

Leg family

The pork leg family consists of the pork leg (ham) and the subprimal cuts that are derived from the leg. Purchaser specified options for the pork leg family cuts include the presence, absence or partial removal (collaring) of skin.

Surface fat trim may be discussed with the supplier, and flank and tail fat may be present. The leg/loin separation and the point of shank removal may be discussed with the supplier. Leg family cuts are available on a weight graded basis.


Leg full bone-in

The full leg is generated from the hind portion of the pork carcass. Pork legs do not include the sirloin and can be specified as short shank or long shank. Legs are often collared (skin partially removed to expose the lean). Flank fat and tail fat may be present.


Leg full bone-less

The full boneless pork leg is generated from the bone-in leg. All bones and associated cartilage are removed. Boneless pork legs include the muscle groups of the inside and outside cushion (top and bottom leg muscles), knuckle and the inner and outer shank meat. Boneless pork legs may be purchased with or without the skin.


Leg bone-less shank off

The shank-off boneless pork leg resembles
the boneless pork
leg with the shank muscle removed.


Leg inside muscle

The inside (top) leg muscle is generated from the pork leg and
is a boneless cut with
a high average chemical lean.


Leg outside muscle

The pork outside (bottom)
leg muscle is generated from the whole leg and contains
the eye of round
muscle. This boneless
muscle cut may be
specified with or
without the heel muscle.


Leg inside shank muscle

The inside shank muscle is generated from
the shank of the
whole leg.


Leg knuckle

The knuckle is generated from the whole
leg. This boneless muscle cut has a high average chemical lean percentage and is an excellent cut for further processing.

Photo: Courtesy of the national pork board, Des Moines, Iowa