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Belly Family

Belly family

The pork belly family is generated from the central portion of the carcass after the removal of the loin and consists of the various styles of bellies and spareribs.
Bellies are generally squared or cut in a rectangular shape.
Bellies may be purchased with or without skin and the skinoff (rindless) bellies may be purchased on a surface fat trim basis. Rindless bellies are typically beveled which means the fat on the edge of the cut is trimmed to meet the lean. Belly length is determined by the shoulder/loin seperation, however bellies may be trimmed to a specified size dimension in order to meet the needs of the purchaser.

Bellies are available on a weight graded basis.


Belly bone-in

The belly is prepared from the carcass after removal of the loin, shoulder, leg, and back fat. The bone-in belly has the skin and spareribs attached, and is generally cut in a square shape.


Belly single ribbed

The single ribbed belly is similar to the bone-in belly except that the rib bones are removed but the intercostal meat remains attached. The dimensions of single- ribbed bellies may be specified by the purchaser


Belly sheet ribbed

The sheet ribbed belly is similar to the bone-in belly except the spareribs are removed in one piece as well as most of the associated bones and cartilage. The sheet ribbed belly should be relatively square in appearance. Sheet ribbed bellies may be purchased skin-on or skin-off with the fat at the edge of the cut tapered to meet the lean.



Spareribs are produced from the bonein
belly and consist of
ribs and intercostal meat and any diaphragm tissue that is firmly attached.


Spare ribs St. Louis style

Spareribs, St. Louis style are similar to regular spareribs except that the sternum and costal cartilage are removed.


Spareribs brisket bones

Spareribs, brisket bones (breast bones) are generated from the full spareribs.