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Shoulder Family

Shoulder family

Cuts from the pork Lomo – Espaldilla shoulder family are generated from the forward portion of the carcass and include the shoulder (Boston) butt and the shoulder picnic. The U.S. pork industry is flexible and willing to produce shoulder products that international customers need for their businesses.

Many cuts that are included in the shoulder family are used for further processing and therefore may be purchased on a chemical lean basis. Purchaser specified options for the pork shoulder family cuts include the presence, absence or partial removal (collaring) of skin. Surface fat trim may be discussed with the supplier. U.S. pork suppliers are not limited to a standard shoulder/rib separation and the shoulder break may be specified by the purchaser. Jowls are typically removed from the shoulder, and neck trim may be specified by the purchaser.


Whole shoulder

The pork whole shoulder originates in the forward portion of the carcass. Pork whole shoulders generally have the jowl removed. Collared (skin partially removed) may be specified by the purchaser.Generally used for further processing the pork shoulder is typically broken into the shoulder (Boston) butt and the shoulder picnic.


Picnic bone-in

The bone-in picnic shoulder is produced from the lower half
of the whole shoulder.
The picnic is an excellent cut for further processing. Purchaser specified options include collared (skin partially removed) and the removal of the foreshank.


Shoulder (Boston) butt, semi- boneless

The shoulder butt is generated from the upper portion of the pork whole shoulder.
The shoulder butt will typically have all neck bones, associated cartilage and skin removed while a small portion of the blade bone will remain.


Picnic boneless

The boneless picnic is free of all bones and associated cartilage. Boneless picnic shoulders may be purchased with or without
the shank muscle and/or the shoulder cushion meat.


Shoulder (picnic) cushion

The shoulder cushion
is a boneless muscle group generated
from the picnic shoulder.


Shoulder (Boston) butt, boneless

The boneless shoulder butt is free of all bones, cartilage and skin.


Shoulder (Boston) butt, cellar trimmed

The cellar trimmed (CT) butt is a shoulder butt with the blade bone and overlying muscles removed..